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The Honors College

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All members of the Honors College Faculty and Staff have completed Safe Zone training, Fostering and Promoting a Culture of Diversity & Inclusion at OSU training, CLERY Act CSA & Incident Report training, and Title VII & Title IX training.

Our Faculty and Staff Members

Keith Garbutt, Ph.D.

Dean and Professor of Plant Biology, Ecology, and Evolution

Richard Frohock, Ph.D.

Associate Dean and Professor of English 

Ebonie Hill

Honors Program Manager

Shelley Schauer

Executive Administrative Assistant

Mili Jha

Honors Academic Counselor

Katie Parr

Honors Academic Counselor

Anna Tapp

Honors Academic Counselor

Bella Vu

Honors Academic Counselor


Pete's Pet Posse Therapy Dog

Our Student Staff

          Jacob Dennis | K-12                   Outreach Assistant | Junior

           Delaynne France | Front                            Desk | Junior

                       Taylor Short                                    Director of Ambassador                     Education | Sophomore

          Bekah Bowman | Star                       Ambassador | Senior

              Madison Travis | Star                    Ambassador | Sophomore

         Phoebe Buffington | Star                    Ambassador | Senior

                  Griffyn Stoodley                             Ambassador | Senior

                  Isabella Bozeman                            Ambassador | Senior

                      Avery Evans                                 Ambassador | Senior

                Charley Johnson                           Ambassador | Junior

                Dylan Robertson                        Ambassador | Sophomore

                  Elisabeth Adams                      Ambassador | Sophomore

                 Emillia Hubbard                                 Ambassador | Junior

                   Erin MacDonald                            Ambassador | Senior

                      Grace Keltner                               Ambassador | Senior

                       Iana Redman                               Ambassador | Senior

                        Lily Stuckey                                     Ambassador | Junior

              Samantha Manning                          Ambassador | Junior

                      Holly Goodman                             Ambassador | Junior

                     Julianna Falcon                        Ambassador | Sophomore

                          Chloe Hignite                                Ambassador | Sophomore

                    Jacqueline Chavez                                Ambassador | Junior

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