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Darwin, a small yellow Labrador Retriever, wears an OSU bandanna.


Darwin is a gentle and friendly small yellow Labrador, who loves being with people and being petted. He has an outgoing personality and will poke you VERY gently with his nose if he feels you are not petting him enough.  He was found October 2015 running free on a farm east of Stillwater. The farmer tried to find the owner of the dog but had no success. While we initially intended just to pick him up and take him to the Humane Society, it did not take us long to realize that this beat-up looking animal was a gentle, friendly dog who, when introduced to Huxley our other therapy dog, very quickly bonded with him. Initially he would not come into the house; however, with a little coaxing he came into the kitchen and ultimately discovered the joys of soft beds and warm fires and has adapted quickly to his new environment.


Now Darwin lives happily as part of the family. It has been interesting to watch him learn from Huxley, and adopt a friendly and, for a young dog, reasonably laid-back approach to life. He loves Posse events and thinks the Student Union is the best place in the world - he tries to wag his whole body when he realizes we are going there.


Darwin will be working with his Dad in Old Central on the “Honors beat” and with his Mum in Stout Hall. 

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