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Information for Transfer Students

Transferring to OSU and interested in joining the Honors College? You're in the right spot.

We offer flexible options within our program to best fit your path at OSU.


  • If you completed honors coursework at your previous institution, up to 15 hours of honors credits may be transferred in to count towards the General Honors Award.
  • Honors students have the opportunity to earn three awards from the Honors College at OSU: the General Honors Award, the College or Departmental Honors Award, and the Honors College Degree. An honors advisor will review what coursework you have remaining prior to graduating and highlight which award (or awards) may be best suited for your individual needs.



Admission GPA Requirements (cumulative GPA for all college coursework attempted)

- Less than 60 credit hours earned: 3.3 or higher
- 60-93 credit hours earned: 3.4 or higher
- 94 or more credit hours earned: 3.5 or higher.


Want to learn more about the Honors College experience has to offer? Check out our advantages here.

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