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Goodbye Huxley

(November ? 2006 – August 27th 2021)
It’s the end of an era. The master of energy conservation, Huxley, left us  on Friday. He would always find a way to do things using the least amount of energy possible. No more playing ‘roll the ball to me as I lie here. I’ll send it back with my tongue’.
Huxley found his forever home in November 2007 when, on the day before Thanksgiving, his mom, Christine, found him at the pound, very thin, very dirty, and the only dog not barking like crazy. Once cleaned up and given good food Huxley turned out to be a big (85lb) beautiful brindled dog with the most placid temperament imaginable. Huxley was the archetypal “good dog”; he quite simply didn't have a mean bone in his body. He had a long career in student care beginning in 2009 when he moved into an Honors residence hall at West Virginia University, where he was "Hall Dog". In 2014 he moved to Oklahoma State University and soon became a part of Pete's Pet Posse where he was the “Honors College Dog”. Huxley has been the "pet away from home" for literally thousands of students. He provided comfort and solace to students and helped bring a little happiness into a lot of lives. Huxley retired from Pete's Pet Posse due to declining health in May 2021 and lived quietly at home until his death on Friday, August 27th, 2021 having reached almost 15 years of age.
Huxley is survived by his adoptive brother, Darwin, who will continue the family tradition of being a therapy dog helping the students, staff and faculty of Oklahoma State University find a little bit of happiness even on the worst days.
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