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The Honors College

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Faculty and Advising

Honors Teaching Faculty

The professors who teach honors courses are experienced members of the OSU teaching faculty known for excellence in the classroom as well as in their academic fields. They enjoy engaging honors students in the classroom, and the small class size contributes to a more interactive learning environment. Honors faculty value education as an experience rather than a product.


Honors Advising

Honors advisors in the Honors College office provide personalized attention to student needs and interests. 

Honors College students have an advisor in both their academic college as well as the Honors College. Students benefit from having an honors advisor who will work with a student's primary advisor to integrate their honors coursework into their undergraduate degree plan - ensuring students are meeting Honors College requirements as well as general university requirements. Honors advisors will also think about big picture items, such as a student's overall professional development and well-roundedness, that will aid a student's success in the future.

Meet the honors advising staff

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