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Oklahoma State University
The Honors College

Helping students fully realize their intellectual and personal potential.

Priority Enrollment

Freshmen and sophomores undertaking at least six hours of honors work each semester and twelve honors hours in every two consecutive semesters are considered "active" participants in The Honors College. Juniors and seniors are considered "active" if they undertake at least three hours of honors work each semester.

Active participants in The Honors College enjoy priority enrollment privileges beginning with enrollment for the second semester. Honors College sophomores, juniors, and seniors enroll the same day as graduate students for the next semester, while freshmen enroll the same day as graduating seniors, typically about six weeks before other freshmen on campus. This provides students with enough flexibility in their schedules to allow for honors courses (which may only have one or two sections available at key meeting times), but also to create a schedule that lends itself well to part-time employment, campus activities and organizations, or simply studying during their most productive hours.

Considering a double major, or adding multiple minors? Priority enrollment privileges also help students strategize and plan complex degree plans accordingly.