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The Great Plains Regional JSHS

Who’s eligible?

Students in grades 9-12 who have conducted original research in a STEM field are eligible to apply. Students must live in Kansas or Oklahoma and be legal US citizens. Selected students will be invited to present their research orally at the regional symposium. Please note there are no poster sessions at this regional competition.


Important Dates

  •  Registration opens by January 10th, 2025
  •  January 31st, 2025: Student Project Submission deadline- All students who wish to apply must register and submit an abstract and research paper reporting the results of their STEM research.
  • February 7th, 2025: Notification to students confirming participation in oral presentations (NOTE: there are no poster presentations at the Great Plains Regional JSHS). 
  • February 10th, 2025: Registration deadline – All teachers, guests, and STEM professionals/volunteers complete registration to attend the Great Plains Regional JSHS. 
  • February 22nd 2025, Great Plains Regional: JSHS Competition and Awards

Any applications received after January 31st will not be considered for participation in the symposium. Applications must include registration paperwork, research paper and research abstract.



Project information

To compete in the Great Plains Regional JSHS, all projects should include a clearly articulated research paper (see JSHS paper requirements) that describes the research and results conducted by the student participant. Selected students will present their research orally. Please note that there are no poster sessions at the Great Plains Regional JSHS.


Team Projects

Students should report on their individual contributions to their research if students are part of a larger group. The presentation should focus on the student’s individual contributions in the larger research project and properly acknowledge the contributions of other students, mentors and/or teachers. For team research that cannot be divided into individual presentations, a team leader should be selected to present the results of the group work. In this case, all JSHS directives applying to the individual research investigations will apply to group research investigations.


JSHS Core Rules of Competition

Presentation Guidelines


Project Selection

Regional JSHS presenters are selected based upon the merit of the individual student’s research paper and abstract. All applications are screened without regard to gender, race, creed, or color. We will not consider student presenters without an application from a teacher or parent sponsor.




Regional Students

All students presenting at the regional JSHS will receive:

  • A certificate of participation
  • An opportunity to win a cash scholarship
  • An opportunity to advance to the National JSHS 

Regional JSHS Finalist

  • First place Regional JSHS winner will be awarded a $2,000 college scholarship
  • Second place Regional JSHS winner will be awarded a $1,500 college scholarship
  • Third place Regional JSHS winner will be awarded a $1,000 college scholarship
  • Five finalists will receive an expense-paid trip to the National JSHS
  • First and second place finalists will make oral presentations at National JSHS; third place and the two observers will make posters presentations at National JSHS
  • The top five winners are required to represent the Great Plains Regional JSHS competition at the National JSHS. If a student is unable to fulfill this obligation, the monetary award will be presented to an alternate candidate. 

National JSHS Finalists Receive Undergraduate Tuition Scholarships

  • Seven-first place finalists will receive $12,000
  • Seven-second place finalists will receive $8,000
  • Seven-third place finalist will receive $4,000


More Info on the JSHS National Webpage

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