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Choosing Your First Honors Course

Our main priorities are to help you select a course that will fulfill one of your degree requirements AND that you will look forward to attending every week. Links to course lists are at the bottom of the page.


As an incoming student, you will take one honors class during your first semester, usually a class associated with your major or one that meets a general education requirement. Your honors advisor will work with you at new student orientation to help you choose an appropriate class, if one has not already been suggested by your major advisor.


Course Selection

There are wide range of courses available and we would encourage you to look at the lists below to see what you might find interesting before you attend new student orientation. Just one word of caution: during new student orientation the availability of classes changes rapidly, so please do not set your heart on one particular class as it may not be available when you try to register. There are a lot of classes available, so make sure you have a plan B and maybe even a plan C.



A word about on the seminars; all students are required to take two honors seminars as part of the requirement for the General Honors Award. Seminars are student-centered classes that allow for in-depth exploration of interdisciplinary topicsTaking a seminar during your first semester can be a really great way to move ahead in honors and get a deep feel for what it is like to get an honors education. Seminars are also a good opportunity to get to know fellow honors students, as small class sizes allow for interactive discussionBelow is a list of seminars that are appropriate for students in their first year, and many of them meet general education requirements. If one fits your schedule and covers one of your requirements, please seriously think about taking a seminar during your first semester.


Honors Add-ons

Honors add-ons are one-hour courses (usually meeting once a week) that pair with regular courses, and most of them are either major requirements or General Education classes. Students who take the two courses concurrently are to receive honors credit equal to the credit hours of the regular course. For example if you take AGEC 1113 with the add-on AGEC 2890 and get an A or B in both courses, then you will receive 3 honors credits.


Links to Course Lists

All Courses Suitable for First Year Students Fall 2023

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