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The Honors College is pleased to offer scholarships to our active students. The scholarships found here are available exclusively to OSU Honors Students. It is our hope, and the hope of our generous donors, that these scholarships will aid students in their academic endeavors and further enrich their experience at the university and with the Honors College.


Please see below for more information regarding each scholarship currently being offered and the criteria required.

Geoffrey Pill Honors College Scholarship

Dr. Geoffrey Pill is a former Oklahoma State University professor. He joined the OSU community in 1965 as a French and English professor. Before retiring in 1991, he also served as the Arts and Sciences Director of Curricular Affairs. He was an early organizer of the University Honors Program and contributed greatly to the development of the Honors College as we know it today.


Although Dr. Pill currently resides in his home country of England, he is still dedicated to providing opportunities for deserving students and we are honored to offer a scholarship in his name.


To be eligible for the Geoffrey Pill Honors College Scholarship, students must meet the following criteria:

  • be OSU Honors College sophomores who did not receive any of the major four or five-year scholarships as a freshman;
  • have completed at least 28 total credit hours and 12 hours of honors credit hours with a grade of 3.0 or higher (letter grade A or B); has an OSU cumulative grade point average of 3.85 or above;
  • and was an active participant in the Honors College during the fall semester of their sophomore year. 

Donald and Sally Moore Scholarship

To be eligible for the Donald and Sally Moore Scholarship, students must meet the following criteria:

  • be full-time undergraduate student at the University;
  • be pursuing a degree through the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology;
  • and an active participant in The Honors College.
  • The recipient must be an American citizen.

Honors College Lew Wentz Scholarships

The Lew Wentz Foundation is widely known on campus as one of the most charitable sources of scholarship funding for high-performing and motivated students. Wentz himself was unable to afford to attend college. However, with an unparalled work ethic and passion for serving others, he amassed his wealth in the oil industry and made countless charitable contributions throughout his lifetime. Today, his legacy and generosity continue to benefit students and inspire them to achieve the highest levels of leadership and scholarship.


In addition to the Wentz Scholarships and Wentz Research Projects which are made available to all university students, the Honors College offers a need-based scholarship to its members. Students need not apply. Every active Honors Student is automatically in consideration for the award and selections are made of the basis of financial need (determined by a student's FAFSA). Students are eligible to receive this award multiple times throughout their involvement with the Honors College.

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