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Oklahoma State University
The Honors College

Helping students fully realize their intellectual and personal potential.

Honors Faculty

The faculty who teach honors courses are experienced members of the OSU teaching faculty known for excellence in the classroom as well as in their academic fields. They enjoy challenging honors students in the classroom, and the small class size contributes to a more interactive learning environment. Faculty teaching honors courses are readily available, too, should a student need additional help in an honors class. 


In addition, current Honors College students complete course evaluations in their honors classes each semester. They provide extensive information regarding their interest level in the course, whether or not the professor closely followed the syllabus, whether or not the workload was appropriate for the course credit hours, and the professor's teaching style. Because they are distributed voluntarily by the faculty, they are open for student review and maintained in the Honors College office. Students find them a tremendous resource in their course planning, helping them make more informed decisions regarding their enrollment in honors courses.