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Oklahoma State University
The Honors College

Helping students fully realize their intellectual and personal potential.

Specialized Tutoring

Honors College students at Oklahoma State University enjoy the added benefit of specialized tutoring. Our tutors are current honors students who are trained through LASSO, the MLRC, and/or the OSU Writing Center. Honors students are able to ask questions (or have work reviewed) in a relaxed setting and receive help/feedback from one of their peers. 

Our tutors currently cover a range of subjects including writing, math, physics/engineering, and chemistry.


Honors Tutors

OSU Honors tutor Josh Anadu

Hello, my name is Josh Anadu and I'm a senior environmental science major with geology and chemistry minors. I love science and research and plan to start a PhD program in geobiology in the fall of 2021. While at OSU, I've conducted research in cellular toxicology, entomology, and invertebrate paleontology! I'm always happy to tell people about my experiences in research. With regards to chemistry, I have taken quantitative analysis, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry and I’ve taken some inorganic chemistry in the form of mineralogy. I also have quite a bit of knowledge about biochemistry from my research, although I haven’t formally taken a course on the subject. Aside from school, I am on the track team at OSU. I love to spend time outdoors doing anything. I’m a big spelunker, so if anyone wants to join me on a caving, feel free to let me know! Lastly, I am a Goldwater scholar and Udall honorable mention, so if you're interested in either of those scholarships and need advice writing your application, feel free to reach out to me!

Honors College Tutor William Roche

Hello, my name is William Roché. I am a junior at Oklahoma State University, majoring in electrical and computer engineering. I will be tutoring many Engineering subject, including the maths and sciences all engineering majors must take. I enjoy activity and going to the gym. I’m also a member of the Cowboy Marching Band.

Honors College tutor Katie Long

Hi, I’m Katie Long and I’m one of this semesters honors Writing Tutors! I’m majoring in English with a concentration in Professional Writing and a minor in Linguistics (looking to add a Psych minor this semester, too). One thing I did during quarantine was finally getting a 5-star island on Animal Crossing. I like cats and I play clarinet for the Cowboy Marching Band! If you need any help on any part of your writing process, feel free to book an appointment on the Writing Center’s website with myself or any of my peers! ((Also, there is a special tab for Honors tutoring on the appointment page, so make sure you look at those for available sessions before you look at the general tutoring page))


Honors College tutor Karisma Murray

Hello, my name is Karisma Murry and I’m one of the Writing Tutors this semester. I’m majoring in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in the Biomedical/Biochemical aspect. I have two cats, and I usually spend most of my free time reading or watching Netflix. Feel free to make an appointment with me at any time throughout the semester if you ever need help.

Honors College tutor Ryan Vaughan

Hi, I am Ryan Vaughan and I will be one of the math tutors. I am an electrical engineering major. I enjoy getting exercise through running and biking. I am also enthusiastic about nature; I love to hike and explore natural parks. Additionally, a significant amount of my free time goes towards learning and trying to cook new dishes. Most important of all, I love mathematics. I would keep on learning for fun if there were no math classes! So if you ever need help with math tutoring, I will be happy to help on Tuesday and Thursday nights through Stout Tutoring.

Honors College Tutor Kenneth Folsom

Hello, my name is Kenneth Folsom. I’m a senior majoring in English and Philosophy. I’m a writing tutor for the Honors college, which I’ve been doing for 2 years, and have lots of experience working with a variety of subjects. I enjoy playing video games and chess, reading, and cooking. Feel free to make an appointment with me through the OSU Writing Center website anytime!