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Oklahoma State University
The Honors College

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Welcome to The Honors College New Student Orientation Page


NSO Shoes

Your First Steps at OSU - should be in comfortable shoes

We understand that getting ready for your new adventure at OSU can be both exciting and a little scary (this is true wherever you go to College) - so here is a little advice on how to deal with New Student Orientation as well as some links to useful documents.

In the sage words of "The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" - DON'T PANIC

Be Patient - there was never a better time to have an e-book or a good game on your smart phone or tablet.

  • Hang on to all the papers you are given - most of them will turn out to be important.
  • Make sure you have something to drink with you (and drink it) - dehydration can lead to headaches and worse.
  • Chat with and make friends with other students, you are all in this together - in the end you are competing against a set of academic requirements and standards, NOT each other.
  • Be Patient.
  • The Advisers are here to help you, they want you to do well and graduate in four years. Listen to them.
  • The first semester in College is usually the hardest one - taking courses you are not ready for is a very bad idea. 
  • College is not High School. Not only is college more difficult, but it is also different - which is worse! So be guided by those who know how it works.
  • However, ultimately it is YOUR education and YOUR choices!
  • By the way did I say - Be Patient.
  • Don’t Panic
Dog lying patiently with a squeaky alligator stuffed toy on his head.



Take a tip from Huxley, the long-suffering Honors dog and member of Pete's Pet Posse. This too will pass, and there will eventually be treats!




Important Links

Campus Map

Important Buildings are:

  • Old Central (Home of The Honors College)
  • Student Union (Food and Check-in and out)
  • Edmond Low Library (University College and Pre-CEAT Advising)
  • Classroom Building (Arts & Sciences Advising)
  • Engineering North (College of Engineering Advising)
  • Human Sciences (College of Human Sciences and College of Eduction, Health and Aviation Advising)
  • AG Hall (College of Agriculture Advising)
  • Spears School of Business (Business Advising)

Requirements for the General Honors Award

This file contains the basic information concerning the requirements for the General Honors Award; it is a bit complicated BUT ALL YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW IS:

  • You must take at least three hours of Honors.
  • If you can get an Honors Seminar this semester go for it!
  • If you take an Honors add-on you must take the regular course it is associated with and you will receive Honors credit equal to the number of hours for the regular course.

Honors Courses Available for First-Year Students - Use this list to choose your Honors courses. Descriptions of Honors Seminars can be found here.