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International Study Option

International Study Option

Students who entered OSU during Fall 2018 or later must propose study away for honors credit via the experiential learning option. For more information, visit the “Experiential Learning” page.

The following information applies to students who entered OSU prior to Fall 2018:

Honors students are encouraged by The Honors College to participate in international study. An OSU honors student with 3.50 OSU and cumulative grade point averages may earn a waiver of up to six honors credit hours required for the Honors College Degree beyond the General Honors Award and the Departmental or College Honors Award requirements.

This waiver will be awarded for college credit earned while participating in the Reciprocal Exchange Program through the OSU Study Abroad Office. One honors hour will be waived for each three semester credit hours earned (with grade of "A" or "B," or the equivalent grades in the institution attended) that count toward OSU graduation requirements. Courses completed with grades of "P," "S," etc. will be acceptable for this option when regular letter grades are not awarded in the courses at the international institution from which the credit has been transferred. The student is obligated to provide a detailed explanation of the grading system when applying for a waiver under this section.

Permission to make use of this option must be obtained in advance from the Dean of The Honors College or the University Honors Council.

Students wishing to earn a waiver by participating in international study other than through the Reciprocal Exchange Program administered by the OSU Study Abroad Office must petition the Dean of the Honors College or the University Honors Council in advance to do so and must demonstrate that the educational experience will be the equivalent of that offered through the Reciprocal Exchange Program in terms of classes at an international institution taught by that institution’s faculty and with that institution’s students.

For more information about study abroad programs available to OSU students, please click the link below:

OSU Study Abroad Office