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Honors Students Dominate Top 20 List

Honors College Students Secure Mortar Board's Coveted Top 20 Freshmen Men and Women Spots


2018 Top Freshmen

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

--Stillwater, OK 

Every year, the Achafoa chapter of the Mortar Board Honor Society selects 20 men and 20 women from the sophomore class who best represented the ideals of scholarship, community service, campus involvement and outstanding leadership during their first year at OSU. 

Students selected for this prestigious honor were invited to a dinner hosted by OSU President Burns Hargis. The top 40 students were further narrowed down to 20 after completing interviews. The top 10 men and women will be recognized during halftime of a home football game and also honored with a reception.

The Honors College is delighted to announce that a number of our students were selected from among their peers at OSU. Despite honors students comprising only roughly 10% of the total student population, our members represented 50% of the students on the top 40 list and 40% of the top 20 list. 

Congratulations to the following honors students for your remarkable achievements!


Top 20 Freshmen Women (Honors Students):

*Italics indicate the individual is also a top 10 winner


Georgia Blackwell

Bailey Clawson

Andee Fitts

Alyssa Hoyle 

Sara Humphrey

*Jaden Kasitz

*Jennifer Litchfield

*Tegan Maxson

Nyla Maere

Johna Pulliam

Sydney Ruder

Kelly Steichen



Top 20 Freshmen Men (Honors Students):

*Italics indicate the individual is also a top 10 winner


*Jacob Auer

Grant Eaton

*Sergio Mares

*Luke Muller

Caleb Smith

Parker Strickland

*Jacob Thorley

*Wade Witcher