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Oklahoma State University
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Honors Credit for Internships

Students who entered OSU during Fall 2018 or later must propose internships for honors credit via the experiential learning option. For more information, visit the “Experiential Learning” page.

The following information applies to students who entered OSU prior to Fall 2018:

Are you planning to incorporate an off-campus internship into your undergraduate career? You may be able to earn honors credit for your work!

If academic credit is granted for the internship experience and you earn a grade of A or B (or "Pass" in the case of courses that are graded on a pass-fail basis) in the course, you may earn up to three honors credit hours toward the General Honors Award.

If academic credit is not granted, you will need to provide documentation of successful completion of the experience (usually in the form of a letter from your supervisor), and a reflective paper about what you learned as a result of the experience and how your practical knowledge will be used to benefit your work in the field. On the basis of these materials the Dean of The Honors College may exempt you from up to three honors credit hours to be used toward your General Honors Award requirements.

Interested? Be sure to discuss these options with your honors advisor before your internship so that you can complete any paperwork necessary, and so that you will be aware of requirements and deadlines.

Click here for an example. One student earned honors credit for her summer internship rehabilitating sea turtles, which she then developed into her honors thesis project.