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Honors Course Syllabi

Interested in enrolling in an honors course, seminar, or add-on but not sure what to expect? Check out the course syllabi available below, provided by honors faculty.

Spring 2015

ART 1513.701: Art History Survey II (Schwarz)

BOT 4400.701: Ecology in the New Millenium (Palmer)

ECON 2103.702: Principles of Microeconomics (McLean)

ENGL 1413.702: Critical Analysis and Writing II, Education and the Human(ities) (Gates)

ENGL 1413.703: Critical Analysis and Writing II (Butcher)

ENGL 2413.701: Introduction to Literature (Macvaugh)

ENGL 3123.701: Mythology (Wadowski)

ENGR 1412: Introductory Engineering Computer Programming (Glenn)

ENSC 2113: Statics (Ramming)

FIN 3113: Finance (Rao)

GEOG 1113: Introduction to Cultural Geography (Greiner)

GEOG 1114: Introduction to Physical Geography (Cordova)

GEOG 2253: World Regional Geography (Davenport)

HONR 1000.703: Autobiography by Women (Tenorio)

HONR 1000.702: Windows on the World (Ward)

HONR 1000.704: Expand Your Horizons: What Study Abroad is Really About (Hallgren)

HONR 1000.710: Ecology and Evolution of Plant Interactions (Steets)

HONR 1000.708: "One Ring to Rule Them All": Magic Rings in the Western Tradition (Weimer)

HONR 1000.711: Programming Intelligent Robots (Crick)

HONR 1023.701: Western Humanities: Middle Ages and Renaissance (Recker)

HONR 1023.702: Western Humanities: Middle Ages and Renaissance (Gethner)

HONR 1023.703: Western Humanities: Middle Ages and Renaissance (Schwarz)

HONR 3023.701 and 702: Contemporary Cultures of the Western World (Jenswold and Tenorio)

HONR 3033.701 and 702: Contemporary Cultures of the Non-Western World (Moder and Hallemeier)

HONR 3053: Biology, Race, and Gender (Recker)

LSB 3213.701: Legal & Regulatory Environment of Business (Lucas)

MATH 2103.701: Business Calculus (Mills)

MATH 2153.702: Calculus II (Mermin)

MATH 2153.701: Calculus III (Choike)

MATH 2910.701: Honors Differential Equations (Mantini)

MATH 4623: Modern Algebra (Zierau)

MKTG 3213: Principles of Marketing (Flaherty-Pappas)

MKTG 4683.701 Managerial Strategy in Marketing (Mason)

MSIS 3223: Operations Management (Ireland)

NSCI 2114.701: Principles of Human Nutrition (Lucas)

NSCI 2114.702: Principles of Human Nutrition (Lin)

PHIL 1213.701: Philosophies of Life (Reitan)

PHIL 1213.702: Philosophies of Life (Heitz)

PHIL 1313.701: Logic and Critical Thinking (Gwin)

POLS 1113.701: American Government (Ringsmuth)

POLS 1113.704: American Government (Wolfgram)

PSYC 1113.701: Introductory Psychology (Kennison)

PSYC 1113.702: Introductory Psychology (Hargett)

PSYC 3120.702: Exploring the Science in Behavioral Science (Thomas)

SOC 1113.702: Introduction to Sociology (Waldo)

SPCH 2713.701: Introduction to Speech (Schrader)