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Honors Contracts

An honors contract is a mechanism for adding an honors dimension to a course or section that is not already an honors course. The contract is an agreement between the individual student and the professor in the class for which honors credit is desired. This agreement identifies a project that the student will complete under the faculty member's supervision. Although the honors contract does not affect the student's grade in the course, in order to receive honors credit for the course the student must earn a grade of "A" or "B" in the course in addition to completing the contract project in a satisfactory manner. Up to 9 hours of honors contract credit may be used to fulfill the requirements for the General Honors Award (up to 12 hours, if necessary, with permission of the Honors College Dean). Honors contracts are frequently used to meet a portion of the Departmental or College Honors Award requirements. Instructions for setting up an honors contract can be found here

Honors contracts need to be approved by the College Honors Director of the instructor's (not the student's) college. For the list of College Honors Directors, click here.

Ready to submit? The Honors contract form is available here. Contracts must be filed with The Honors College by the end of the second week of the semester.