University Honors Councils

The members of the University Honors Council (faculty) and University Student Honors Council (students) represent the interests and concerns of honors students and faculty from their respective colleges, and they recommend and approve Honors College policy changes. They also represent the Honors College to students in their colleges and to prospective students, and they may serve as a committee to which students may appeal eligibility and admission decisions. The Councils also review faculty proposals for honors seminars and other special honors courses to be funded by the Honors College.

Current List of Honors Council Members:

College Representatives

CEAT:     Faculty representative: Mr. Randy Seitsinger
               Student representative: Colton Tubbs
A&S:      Faculty representatives: Dr. Edward Jones and Dr. Chris Francisco
               Student representatives: Ashley Donovan and Molly Haddox 
EHA:      Faculty representative: Dr. Pamela Brown
               Student representative: Julian Thomason
CASNR: Faculty representative: Dr. Karen Hickman
               Student representative: Grayson Kuehny
HS:         Faculty representative: Dr. Edrlain Lucas
               Student representative: Jessica Beebe
SSB:      Faculty representative: Dr. Marlys Mason
               Student representative: Michelle Leonard
Honors College Representatives
Dr. Keith Garbutt: Dean
Dr. Richard Frohock: Associate Dean
Ebonie Hill-Williamson: Program Coordinator