Information for Parents

What can The Honors College provide for my son or daughter?

The Honors College at Oklahoma State University provides an environment where motivated students are encouraged to develop academically, socially, and personally. Small, engaging courses promote discussion and interaction between students and faculty, and this learning environment contributes to an enhanced intellectual experience in the classroom. Beyond the classroom, however, honors advisors are available for individualized attention, support, and guidance, and Honors College students enjoy a sense of community and take part in special events and activities. They also are encouraged to seek out additional opportunities such as international study, research, leadership, and service to enhance their undergraduate careers.   

What about the future?

The Honors College contributes to a student's future in multiple ways. The skills learned in honors courses (oral and written communication, critical thinking, and synthesis of information) help prepare first-year and sophomore-level students for their upper-division coursework and beyond. The thesis or capstone project allows students to engage in research, working closely with a faculty member on campus, an experience that may prove beneficial if they are considering professional school or a graduate program. It can also provide valuable practical experience and help them be competitive when applying for a position in their chosen profession. Outside their academic experience, honors students may be more engaged in their communities and have a greater sense of social responsibility due to their interactions with other honors students, faculty, and staff during their undergraduate program.

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