Honors Courses

Honors courses are typically much smaller than their traditional counterparts at OSU; most have 20-22 students enrolled and some have fewer than 15. They are designed to help students develop both oral and written communication skills, to gather and synthesize information, to think about problems in new and complex ways, and to develop their critical thinking skills. Honors courses tend to be highly interactive, discussion-based classes that engage students in an active and supportive learning environment.

The Honors College offers 70-80 honors classes per semester in a variety of general education areas. Honors College students also are eligible to enroll in topical honors seminars, some of which are interdisciplinary and may also fulfill general education requirements at OSU.

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Spring 2015

Spring 2015 Honors Courses

Spring 2015 Honors Add-on Courses and Descriptions

Spring 2015 Honors Seminars and Descriptions

Fall 2015

Fall 2015 Honors Courses

Fall 2015 Honors Seminars

Fall 2015 Add-on Courses