Honors Course Offerings

The Honors College offers approximately 90-120 honors courses per semester in a variety of subject areas. While many honors courses are sections of a general university course (honors ENGL 1313, for example), others are unique to The Honors College and they have no general university counterparts. These are honors seminars, and they are typically indicated by the HONR-prefix. Honors add-ons combine enrollment in a general university course with enrollment in a special honors component (typically one credit hour).

Complete lists of honors course offerings, seminars, add-ons, and descriptions are listed below.

Spring 2019 Draft 6 10/19/2018 - This is still a work in progress but getting close to being complete - the list will change and there will be more courses.

Spring 2019

Spring 2019 Honors Seminars - Draft 4

Spring 2019 All Honors Courses with their Descriptions Draft 6 - alphabetical

Spring 2019 Courses with Honors Add-ons Draft 6 - alphabetical


FALL 2018

FALL 2018 All Honors Courses with their Descriptions Draft 7 - alphabetical

FALL 2018 All Honors Courses with their Descriptions Draft 7 - By Honors Area

FALL 2018 Courses with Honors Add-ons Draft 6

Fall 2018 Honors Seminars - Draft 4