Honors College Forms

This is your location for important Honors College forms. All forms, and their descriptions, can be found in the menu to the left. If you have questions about any procedures and/or deadlines, please contact your honors advisor.

Breakdown of forms:

General Forms

  • Honors Contract Form 
  • Volunteer Application Form 
  • Free Semester Form
  • Special Experience - General Honors Credit
  • International Experience
  • Petition to Retain Active Status
  • Application for Undergraduate Research Course

Thesis Forms

We have made some significant changes to the forms used to approve proposed thesis projects. Please be aware that they are no longer combined with the form to apply for Honors graduation. Also note the form for CEAT students is different than those for other Colleges. Please use the correct form.

  • Notification of a Thesis Prep Course
  • Request for Exemption from HONR 3000 (Thesis Prep)(A&S students only)
  • Approval of an Honors Thesis Proposal (CEAT)
  • Approval of an Honors Thesis Proposal (All Others)

Forms Associated with Graduation

  • Application for the College or Departmental Honors Award
  • Application for the Honors International Certificate
  • Thesis Submission Form (CEAT ONLY)
  • Thesis Submission Form (All Other Graduates)