General Forms

General Forms

Honors Contract Form - If you have visited with a faculty member and decided to undertake an honors contract project, use this form to initiate the approval process. This form must be submitted by Friday of the second week of the semester.

Volunteer Application Form - If you are a sophomore or junior with a 3.50 GPA, you are eligible for the Community Service Option. Click here for the guidelines.

Free Semester Form - If you would like to be considered "active" in the Honors College with fewer than the minimum number of required hours (and you have met one of the conditions listed), use this form to request a "free semester." Be sure to contact your honors advisor if you have questions.

Special Experience - General Honors Credit - If you would like to receive credit towards your General Honors Award from a special experience (study abroad, internship, co-op or National Student Exchange), submit this BEFORE you embark on the experience.

International Experience - An honors student with a 3.50 GPA may earn a waiver of up to six credit hours of those required for the Honors College Degree beyond the General Honors Award and the Departmental or College Honors Award requirements.

Petition to Retain Active Status - In the event that extraordinary circumstances prevent a student from undertaking the necessary number of honors credit hours for active status in a given semester, a student may submit a petition to the Dean of the Honors College to be considered active for that semester.

Application for Undergraduate Research Course - If you are doing Undergraduate Research for academic credit and would like it to count for Honors credit please use this form.