The College or Departmental Honors Award

This award is earned in your major field of study and varies depending upon the college or department. In general, the College or Departmental Honors Award requires a minimum of 15 upper-division honors credit hours with grade of "A" or "B," including a 3-hour thesis prep and 3-hour thesis or creative component, with a cumulative graduation/retention GPA of 3.50 or higher. For honors awards in two majors, honors requirements for both majors--including a creative component in each--must be completed, with at least six upper-division honors hours beyond the first major.

Students who earn the College or Departmental Honors Award receive a certificate and the award is posted to their undergraduate transcripts.

Some academic colleges and majors have more specific requirments for the College or Departmental Honors Award. Click here for additional information.


*Students who joined the Honors College prior to Fall 2016 may be on our previous degree plan. These students are eligible to switch to the new degree plan if preferred.