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Community Service Guidelines

Students who entered OSU during Fall 2018 or later must propose service for honors credit via the experiential learning option. For more information, visit the “Experiential Learning” page.

The information below applies to students who entered OSU prior to Fall 2018. It is derived from the 2016 Honors College Policies and Procedures, Section 5-5. Please review these guidelines carefully before undertaking volunteer work for the purpose of the Honors College Community Service Option.

Please note that the Community Service Option provides a waiver of honors credit hours only. It does not count toward "active" status in the current semester.


1. Only sophomores and juniors are eligible for this option (i.e. 2nd- and 3rd-year students).

2. Students must have OSU and cumulative grade point averages of at least 3.50 to undertake community service to earn a waiver of one (1) to three (3) of the thirty-nine (39) honors credit hours required for the Honors College Degree (not including any honors hours used toward the General Honors Award or the Departmental or College Honors Award).  

3. The agency or organization must be located in Stillwater or its immediate vicinity.

4.  Such community service must be undertaken while the student is enrolled on campus.  

5. A minimum of fifteen (15) hours of verified satisfactory community service shall be required for each honors credit hour to be waived, and no more than thirty (30) hours of community service may be counted from any one semester or summer session.  

6. Community service hours shall be verified by a supervisor from the agency or organization on a form approved by the Oklahoma State University Service-Learning Volunteer Center.  

7. On-campus activities shall not be considered community service under this option.  

8. The student must certify to The Honors College that the community service hours are not being used for any course, program, requirement, or assignment on or off campus other than The Honors College’s community service option under this section.  

9. Approval from the Dean of The Honors College must be obtained before beginning volunteer service with an agency or organization that is not approved through the Oklahoma State University Service-Learning Volunteer Center. 

Have you finished reading the guidelines and now you're ready to apply? Click here to access the online application form.